About Doornkloof

The farm Doornkloof remained uninhabited by humans for over 30 years after the last almond farmer left in the 1950s and until the land was bought by professor André Rabie in 1981. He had a private nature reserve declared shortly after.

Today, this small reserve provides refuge and renewal for its naturally occurring wildlife and for a select few human beings. 

The unspoiled Renosterveld and clear, blue skies have a beauty that is healing; you only have to breathe it in to benefit. Feel the renewing energy of veld and fresh air, mountains and trees, sunshine and raindrops. Use the marked trail to explore the area (the views are great!) or settle in front of a large picture window for some birdwatching.

We provide plant, mammal and bird guides as well as the requisite binoculars for identification. When driving, don't be surprised to find a Cape Grysbok around a quiet turn or one of the large Leopard tortoises blocking your way. The dirt road leading to the Bush House is more suitable for vehicles with higher ground clearance like an SUV or bakkie, but four-wheel drive is not necessary.

Doornkloof sports one fairly strenuous hiking trail with another, longer trail under construction. You are also welcome to take an easy walk along the farm road. Mountain bike trails are close by.

Wi-Fi and VoIP-phone available at owner's cottage if you really need it.